Picket Fence Perth

Picket Gates Perth

The picket fence is what many people dream about when planning their first home. Some may consider it outdated, but a picket fence still paints a picture of the perfect suburban home, complete with playful children and of course, the family dog. Find your ideal picket gate with Woodford Gatemakers. We pride ourselves on the variety of options we provide, because we know each person’s requirements are unique.


Add character to your property with any type of picket gate. We have wooden and metal (aluminium or steel) gates available to purchase as standard gates, or we can customise them for you. People assume picket gates are only made with strict dimensions but you can deviate from it as you see fit. Whether you opt for the picture-perfect picket or the unconventional, raw timber picket, this type of gate will complete your home. Available in different styles and colours, you are sure to find the perfect gate for your home.


There are plenty of ways to use picket gate around your property. The most obvious use is to install it as a barrier between your home and the public road. It is the ideal way to keep unwanted visitors away from your front door. It is also ideal if you have pets that enjoy running around but shouldn’t be running away.

Some people take gardening very seriously. If you have flowerbeds, vegetable patches or herb gardens, why not put up a small picket fence around it to protect it from scrummaging pets or curious children.

Our services

We supply and install a variety of picket gates for whatever use you require. We come out to your property for a consultation and provide you with a quote before you order anything.

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