Galvanised and powdercoated iron gates.

One of our specialty products is our range of wrought iron gates; stylish and durable, these gates offer homes both a smart appearance and a solid secure entrance to your home.

Whether you are looking for something basic or ultra-elegant and fancy, we have it all or we can custom design a unit to suit your requirements.

When it comes to wrought iron gates that Perth homeowners and builders recommended, look no further than Woodford Gatemakers.

We are happy to send a consultant to your property to assess your requirements, and suggest something suitable to both your home’s style and your security requirements. Whether it’s an automatic driveway gate or an ornate gate that forms a stylish entrance to your home, we have something for everyone.

Most gates are hot-dip galvanised before being powder coated, making sure they stay rust free for as long as possible.

While we offer the full range of hi-end gates, we also offer more modest, although no less sturdy, options for the more budget conscious. These gates are made from welded pre-galvanised steel before being powder coated.

With close to 60 years’ experience in manufacturing and installing all types of gates, we are confident about supplying you with a suitable gate to suit your budget and style. With an emphasis on quality control and customer satisfaction, our results speak for themselves.

Contact us for an assessment of your home’s needs or visit our showroom to see what we have in stock.


Why Wrought Iron?

Hardy & durable

Wrought iron gates are exceptionally strong, while offering plenty of elegance and style at the same time. They are galvanised and powder coated allowing them to remain rust free and withstand the toughest weather conditions for many years.


Wrought iron can be made into driveway gates, garden gates or for internal security gates inside your home or building. They can be simple and basic, or elegant and extravagant, depending on your sense of taste and security requirements.

Easy to repair

If part of your gate is requires fixing, we can repair it onsite or taking it back to our factory for repairs, depending on the extent of damage.

Safe & private

Our gates offer you the security while still allowing you to see out, and not cutting yourself off from the outside world.

Added value

Homes with wrought iron gates look smarter and make an excellent impression when you decide to sell.

For that grand elegant look, contact us today and enquire about our range of wrought iron gates.