Security Grills Perth

Protect your family and your property with high quality, stylish window grills

Protecting your windows is a vital part of securing your property, and at Woodford Gatemakers, we ensure that the security grills we produce are of a high quality to give you peace of mind. With decades of experience making gates for Perth homeowners, we pride ourselves on the reputation we’ve built based on solid products and excellent customer service. The protection of your family is paramount but that does not mean that you have to live behind entrances that are nailed shut. We will manufacture and install a security grill that is as stylish as it is tough.

Why do I need a window security grill?

You may be thinking that a fence and gate is enough to protect your property. Of course, this is dependent on the area in which you live. However, taking chances when it comes to you and your family’s safety is a massive risk. Burglars have become skilful over the years and use clever strategies to gain entry to your home. Jumping over a wall or gate is no challenge for them and at that point, your home is left vulnerable because all it takes to get in is a simple window smash. Even if you have an alarm system, burglars are savvy enough to disconnect it. One can never have too much security but we draw the line at personal bodyguards, so install a window security grill for added protection.


You can protect your home with visible steel security grills that are available in a range of colours and styles. With us, you do not have to compromise on style. Our point of difference is that the gates we manufacture provide your home with flair as well as protection. There are many different types of grills available and we can customise one to suit your specific requirements. We manufacture window grills to fit any window shape or size. It is also important to us that the window security grills complement the style of your home rather than take away the beauty of it.

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