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Fence Panels Perth

Panelling is the latest trend in the fence industry, and it is quickly gaining popularity amongst Perth residents. Let your house stand out with fence panels from Woodford Gatemakers. It is one of the most elegant types of fencing as the panel effect provides optimum security without making you feel like you’re in prison. Fence panels allow you to still see the beauty outside, while feeling protected at the same time. We can make different types of fence and wall in-fill panels, from steel and aluminium to timber panels reinforced with steel frames. You can choose from our range of designs and materials to ensure your fence panels complement your property rather than be a distraction.

Aluminium panel fencing

An affordable option for beautiful aluminium slat fencing is to opt for it in aluminium. Compared to steel, aluminium is lightweight, easy to work with, making it more cost effective to install. Choose between a straight colour finish or a woodgrain finish.

Timber panel fencing

Timber slat fencing is in a league of its own and does not have any similar competitors. Timber as a material is hardy and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Its main selling point however, is its beauty. Timber panelled fencing adds a touch of grandeur to your property and it makes your house appear more homely. The woody colour of timber works well with almost any home colour and feature palette. Whether you have dark or light features on your home, timber fencing acts as a neutral colour that can match almost any colour.

Steel fence panels

If your property is ultra-modern and chic, it is highly recommended that you choose steel fencing. Steel fence infill panels are stronger than aluminium, making it the most durable fencing option because it can take more knocks. Steel flat fencing is a great way to secure your property, and it makes for a stylish finishing touch.

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